Aug 02

The engine is starting to become one piece again. We have made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks. The block has been cleaned and prepped for the new 1.5mm Tomei Headgasket. We have completed quite the list of things. See the new updates below!

  • Tomei Headgasket Installed
  • ARP Head Studs Installed
  • New Cam Seals
  • New Valve Cover Seals
  • New BKR7E Spark Plugs
  • New Intake Manifold Gaskets Upper and Lower
  • Intake Lower and Upper Painted.
  • Fuel Rail mounted and new FPR line installed.
  • Cleaned all the wiring under the manifold up.
  • Painted the TB
  • Valve Covers have been Painted.
  • Timing Belt Installed and timing is set.

Left to do

  • Finish Installing FPR
  • Install Turbo parts
  • Correct Intercooler Piping
  • Start it up

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written by Dereck

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