Sep 17

Here is a short video of the junk yard cam gear and the noise.



written by Dereck

Sep 16

Well the Cam gear from the junkyard truly was junk and started leaking immediately. I have resorted to ordering a new one in hopes of solving the tapping issues. However the cam gear issue still is a problem.

written by Dereck

Sep 09

I have installed the Figs Engineering Hood Prop kit to finally get rid of the stock hood bar. The stock one is prone to the clip breaking and is annoying as can be.











Visit there website below:

Figs Engineering

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Aug 18

Well time to get the drag radials back on that way its not ice skating anymore.

Drag Radials

written by Dereck

Aug 11

Well things got off to a good start this evening by getting a couple of things finished up. Looks like we are on the path to have it finished completely by the end of next week. The Catch Can and the Fuel Pressure Regulator is finished.



written by Dereck

Aug 07

Well have had a successful last few days at getting the last little bits finished. After fighting with a broken bolt on the turbo down pipe its finally cranked over and running.



written by Dereck

Aug 04

I have ordered some of the final parts from our friends over at driftmotion! Awesome owner of our company Simpatico Systems LLC picked them up in Montclair, CA for me. Visit them at

Check out there website at

Parts Ordered:

2 of : 1/8 NPT Bung – Aluminum
1 of : 1JZ/2JZ Driftmotion Intake Kit – Blue Elbow – Blue Filter – Black Pipe – 45 Degree
1 of : Greddy BOV Flange
1 of : 1JZ/2JZ Spark Plug Cover Bolt Set – 1JZ-GTE
1 of : 2.5″ Intercooler Piping Kit – Blue
1 of : Driftmotion 5M/6M/7M/1JZ/2JZ Remote Oil Filter Adapter
32 of : Valve Cover Seal Washer
1 of : 1JZ VVTi Cam Seal Set
1 of : Aeromotive AFPR Kit for 1JZ-GTE – Black Fittings – Stock Fuel Rail – All Black
1 of : Heat Shielding Gasket 1JZ-GTE – BOTH Upper and Lower Gaskets
1 of : VVTi 1JZ-GTE Exhaust Manifold Gasket (2pc)
1 of : VVTi Cam Gear Seal



written by Dereck

Aug 02

The engine is starting to become one piece again. We have made a lot of progress over the last couple of weeks. The block has been cleaned and prepped for the new 1.5mm Tomei Headgasket. We have completed quite the list of things. See the new updates below!

  • Tomei Headgasket Installed
  • ARP Head Studs Installed
  • New Cam Seals
  • New Valve Cover Seals
  • New BKR7E Spark Plugs
  • New Intake Manifold Gaskets Upper and Lower
  • Intake Lower and Upper Painted.
  • Fuel Rail mounted and new FPR line installed.
  • Cleaned all the wiring under the manifold up.
  • Painted the TB
  • Valve Covers have been Painted.
  • Timing Belt Installed and timing is set.

Left to do

  • Finish Installing FPR
  • Install Turbo parts
  • Correct Intercooler Piping
  • Start it up

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20160801_172101 20160801_171140 20160731_122640 20160731_110334 20160729_233048

written by Dereck

Jul 29

Sent the parts over to Total Engine Service to get them cleaned and they came out looking amazing!

Visit them over at

Total Engine Service




written by Dereck

Jul 23

Tearing down begins after almost a year of sitting. The car was breaking the Intake Camshaft every 3 months or so. We have replaced it 3 times now so we set out to buy a used head and rebuild it.  The rebuilt head has been sitting for some time to save up some cash. However we have finally reached the point to begin working on it again.


Removed the following:

  • Radiator
  • Turbo and Downpipe
  • Wiring Harness
  • Cylinder Head
  • All the Little Extra Pieces

Ran into some issues with the Orange Protector on the turbo lines and was melting.

20160724_170303 20160725_011543 20160725_011552 20160725_011555 20160728_13241620160724_170345 20160728_13241020160724_170311

written by Dereck